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Attractions in Semarang, Central Java

Semarang, the capital of Central Java province is located on the north Coast of Java Sea. The city offers a splendid multicultural harmony all over the place, from an exotic historic area in Central Java, named Kota Lama (Old Town) and one of the city’s most majestic icon Lawing Sewu to the oldest Chinese temple Sam Poo Kong. Make a stop by Chinatown to taste its delicious Lumpia. For a more complete culinary experience, visit Pasar Semawis area in Gang Warung. The lined-up food stalls here will serve various kinds of signature local dishes that can’t be found in any other places.

Neon display of Simpang Lima

Simpang Lima

Simpang Lima has been Semarang’s icon for decades. It is known as the heartbeat of the city where all activities are conducted, from business and government fields to leisure, shopping, entertainment and culinary.

Blenduk Church in the day

Kota Lama (Old Town)

Situated in the intersection of Jl Pemuda and Jl Imam Bonjol, Kota Lama is also known as little Netherlands. Established in the 18th century when Indonesia was a Dutch colony, its location is currently separated from a residential area. The center of Kota Lama is Blenduk Church (Nederlandsch Indische Kerk). Built in 1753, the church is the oldest building in the area. In addition to the church, there are more than 50 well-maintained colonial buildings in Kota Lama, displaying 18th century European architechture.

Lawang Sewu in the evening

Lawang Sewu

Located in Tugu Muda complex, this majestic art deco building was known as Netherland’s Indiscge Spoorweg. It is created by Holland architect Prof. Jacob F. Klinkhamer and B.J. Queendag on 1903. Locals named it Lawang Sewu for as in Javanese, “lawang” means door and “sewu” means thousands.

A chinese temple

Sam Poo Kong

Also known as Gedung Batu Temple, Sam Poo Kong is the oldest Chinese temple in Semarang. Originally established by the Chinese Muslim explorer Zheng He (also known as Sanbao), it is now shared by Indonesians of multiple religious denominations, including Muslims and Buddhists, and ethnicities, including Chinese and Javanese.

Rows of red chinese lanterns

Semarang Chinatown

Semarang Chinatown is one of the oldest kampungs in Semarang and still can be identified in present time with its very thick Chinese culture values. With temples, pagodas, shop houses, jade jewellers, pharmacists, fortune-tellers and food stalls, the area illustrates the depth of the connection between China and this port city.

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